In a world that recquire constant reactivity, the company’s information system must be able to evolve efficiently and quickly to meet your business changing needs. The data center has gradually become the cornerstone of the business, bringing together applications, and data in effect, as the center of knowledge for the business.

Through the system we offer, Sunutechnology strives to provide solutions tailored to the needs of each of its customers, in areas as diverse as:

  • the system infrastructure (servers, chassis blade, DHCP)
  • the Microsoft environment (directories, e-mail, OS)
  • management and inventory of hardware and software
  • networked data storage (SAN / NAS)
  • data backup
  • desktop, server and application virtualization

Sunutechnology benefits from the multidisciplinary work of its team to guide its customers in the creation of their unique Data Center.

This consolidation of resources brings undeniable advantages in terms of exploitation, especially through virtualization solutions, and thus allows real savings for the customer. It
also generates new requirements of accessibility, as the slightest failure can block the activities of a large number of employees.

The workstation has never been so mobile. Smartphones, tablets, computers have never been more sophisticated, but IT departments must constantly adapt to ensure a complete professional environment.

In this approach, Sunutechnology is providing its expertise in the areas of application, virtualization and workstations.The advancement of these solutions provides decrease in operating costs while increasing user satisfaction.

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