SUNUTECHNOLOGY offers the best Wi-Fi Cloud CPE solution to enhance a centralized data center. With end-to-end operator level products, SUNUTECHNOLOGY greatly simplifies and automates large-scale Wi-Fi deployments, while providing an exceptional user experience. Wifi secured by SUNUTECHNOLOGY Solutions is:

  • Optimal diffusion of a quality Wifi network.
  • Supervision and maintenance of your secure Wifi installation.
  • Implementation of effective communication with your customers (collection of emails, promotion of your establishment …)
  • The expertise of our technical experience (many installations realized
    and supervised)

We provide, Smart Wi-Fi solutions for businesses, hotels, hospitals, schools, public Wi-Fi (Hot Spot).

We build up Network design, Developped firmware, provide solutions for hotspots, servers, business applications. We set up deployment of Wifi infrastructures: indoor and outdoor.

Do you have a project? Are you looking for a dynamic team to help you implement strict standards for your business ? Sunutechnology assists you in the design, control and evolution of your information systems and gives you a strong added value. Trough Sunutechnology services, our clients benefit from the integration of solution, the delegation of  expertise and infrastructures systems.

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